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Are you constantly running out of hot water? If so, take it EZ and call EZ Plumbing. We can repair, maintain, or replace your water heater with your budget in mind. As a business that has been family-owned since 1989, we are proud to serve homeowners and business owners throughout LA County, Studio City, Burbank, and beyond.

Whether you need a simple repair or are looking for a new water heater altogether, we can help you determine the best decision for your needs. Call today for expert Los Angeles water heater repair services.

Trusted to Repair & Replace Water Heaters in Los Angeles

It is very important to contact a trusted and experienced plumber when you experience issues with your water heater. Our Los Angeles water heater repair team will arrive quickly to address the problem and provide the necessary solutions in good time.

Reach Out To Our Los Angeles Water Heater Repair Team Right Away If You Are:

  • Running out of hot water - If you keep running out of water, you might want to upgrade the size of your tank water heater or consider a tankless water heater.
  • Experiencing temperature fluctuations in your water - If you're ever getting bits of cold water in your hot water, then you most likely have a crack in your dip tube. The dip tube is responsible for bringing cold water into your hot water heater and the crack is mixing incoming cold water with outgoing hot water.
  • Receiving large gas bills - If your heating element is starting to wear down, it could demand more inputs to achieve the same level of output.
  • Seeing rusty colored water - What's most likely happening is that your anode rod that's responsible for attracting the rusting elements is so rusty that it's contaminating your water.
  • Hearing loud noises coming from your unit - When enough sediments build up in your unit they might interact with oneanother and cause this popping/snapping sound that you could be hearing.
  • Experiencing slow water pressure - Another symptom of sediment build-up is that your water becomes slow due to how hard it is. Heavy water that's full of minerals moves slower and you'll experience it in your water pressure.

    At EZ Plumbing, we can service both tank-type and tankless water heaters for your convenience. While tankless water heaters offer incredible benefits, they are more expensive than traditional systems most of us are accustomed to. However, if you need to replace your traditional water heater, you may benefit in the long run from an upgrade to a tankless system. Property owners that go tankless enjoy lower gas bill costs and endless hot water. You can also add more space to your home when you replace your water heater tank with a small tankless unit.

    Contact us at 818-900-2778 to request a free estimate for your Los Angeles water heater repair service!

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